Kerala Jack-pot


Lottery is actually a type of gambling. Kerala State Lottery has been started from the calendar year 1967. The initiative has been accepted from the afterward State Finance Minister Sri. P.K. Kunhu. Throughout this span Kerala was afflicted by severe unemployment. The amount of jobless youth at the beginning of the next five year plan was previously 1.3 million1. The change from agriculture to industrial and commercial activities, the trend of white collar projects, the development of service sector, insufficient increase in non profit tax revenue like interest, profit and profit, elevated public earnings etc.. were the elements which led the finance ministry to believe about an additional supply of revenue for the state.

Thus lottery has been introduced mainly for reducing unemployment and also to a specific degree to supporting that the nation income. Lotteries were conducted by personal bureaus at that moment; point. Later private lotteries had been not illegal. Now, just the nation conducts lottery. Rules and regulations for conducting lotteries are framed and lotteries have turned into a standard event now. At the moment it provides employment to more than 3 lakh folks and leads, greater than Rs. 10 crores a year into the state government by way of revenue. Tax deducted from the prize level also comes to crores of rupees. Above all, sizable level is lying using the nation as undistributed prize.

Started as a month-to-month programme Kerala State lottery is now currently having in a average 5 pulls weekly . The very first decoration distributed in a draw has significantly risen from Rs. 50000 into Rs. 1 crore and even more. Overall selling of tickets in addition has increased from Rs.75 lakhs to Rs.125 crores per year. So it’s believed that the lotteries play with a major function in the life span of most Kerala individuals.

But investigation workers, academicians and policymakers never have attempted much on the discipline. This analysis gap prompted the scholar to choose the particular topic. Study problem could be fastidiously identified and conceptualised only after a detailed literature review.
A poll one of 300 samples were created from the different regions – southern central and northern. The districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Kannur had been chosen randomly to the purpose and 100 samples from every area have been selected and learned to analyze the various motives behind getting tickets and the magnitude of faith the public has in the Kerala State Lottery. A survey one of 90 respondents was created of winners of large prize sums to test the pattern of utilization of prize cash.

A survey one of a hundred and fifty samples had been made from the vendors of tickets to test that the cash earned from them from this activity. The sample dimensions were held low on account of the complications in receiving the appropriate set. The Director of Kerala State Lotteries, a few district lottery officials, also some huge and incredibly compact vendors of tickets, also the former President of Kerala Lottery brokers Association (KLAA) etc., were contacted and interviewed to get their opinions and perspectives about the Kerala State Lottery. Collected data have been analysed using appropriate and relevant techniques.

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